Why Security Is Such a Major Concern in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is a critical sub-sector of every economy the world over. We rely on the aviation industry not only for transportation of people – both for business and pleasure but also for transit of cargo. The aviation industry is a major clog in the drivers of every economy and as such any variable affecting aviation affects our economies significantly.Security during flights and in the aviation industry in general covering airports and related facilities is critical. The world security concerns have been further heightened by terrorism and this has indeed been a headache for players in the aviation industry. Pilots, flight attendants, airport security teams and other ground crew are always alert to these security concerns.In almost all cases the security issues in the aviation industry would have fatal consequences if not prevented and thus the reason security is such a major concern to industry players. Although security has always been a major consideration in flights, the 9/11 attacks on US airspace was a major wake up call for stakeholders. It really changed the general approach to flight safety and aviation security as a whole.The players in the aviation industry have been forced to look at new and innovative ways of ensuring passenger safety. Yet flight security has to be carefully enforced so as not to be too intrusive on privacy and passengers’ dignity is not infringed. The issue of flight security therefore becomes a delicate balance for industry players who want to maintain excellent customer service as well as world-class security for their passengers.In a bid to keep ahead of terrorists and other threats to security, the aviation players have instituted many changes to their security systems. For instance the world over there is a noticeable increase in presence of security personnel in airports. Further the airlines are today working more closely with airport security to ensure that flight security is not compromised. In addition to this passenger screening has become more comprehensive and now involves the use of technologically advanced systems and gadgets.With increasing concerns some airlines are taking more radical route to try to ensure flight safety. Some have gone as far as arming some of their pilots and having armored cockpit access doors. The merits and demerits of such drastic measures are subject of heated debate. However these are all pointers to how aviation security is a critical importance.The media coverage that follows any mishap in the aviation industry coupled with the subsequent panic of commuters makes the aviation industry very attractive to terrorists and other saboteurs. Although the overall impact of such action is to the aviation industry is not necessarily a decline in commuters, the initial publicity and trauma to both airline staff and passengers works well for the terrorist.Now what industry players need to get right is the balance between ensuring that passenger rights and dignity is respected and yet have thorough pre-flight screening. This of course is no mean task with saboteurs being creative and civil rights groups opposing most of the security measures put in place to screen passengers.