Home Based Business Tips – Time Management Controls

We are so taxed on time, it always seems so difficult to get things done. Would you be able to get more done if you had a system to give you more time? Let’s see how I can help you.First, recognize all the reactive things in your busy life that take up so much time. They make it difficult to get the really important things done.There are four things that can typically derail your day.EMAIL AND INTERNETYou probably check your messages first thing in the morning, right? You probably look for any leads or sales. You get a YouTube link from a friend, then you watch it, and maybe watch another video that pops up. Then you see an invitation, a newsletter, a blog, then a customer service problem, or an opportunity, and you continue to surf through the internet.Once you handle something in your inbox, you likely go back and look at it again and handle something else. You get in a continuous loop and don’t get anything done. Pretty soon, it’s lunch time.PHONE CALLSThese are similar to emails. You never know what actions are going to come out of each one, or what problem you might encounter, or how long each one will take. Again, you are not getting anything done that you want to get done.PEOPLEDo people come into your office just to chat? Sometimes they are looking to be productive, sometimes not. Or if you work at home, do you get interruptions from your spouse, kids, or neighbours?You are once again pulled away from proactive productivity.FLASH THOUGHTSWhat crazy random thoughts flood your brain all day long? What things are you trying to remember to do? It could be errands, or booking your next golf game, or calling a prospect. A single thought can take you down a hole, and then another hole, and another. For sure you are not getting anything done.THE SOLUTIONHere’s a little routine to help you focus on getting priority tasks done.1. Book a Time – mark a specific time frame in your calendar and stick to it. Try a 90 minute block so you can focus and be productive.2. Location, location – Have a place where you can work that’s comfortable, and uncluttered.3. Objective: You’ve got to have a goal for the time you have allotted. What do you want to accomplish in that 90 minutes?4. Remove Distractions: Have nothing in your way so you can get things done. No phone, email or people.BE PROACTIVEBy eliminating several of the distractions and habits that put us in reactive mode, and following a focused routine, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish. Everyday, try to set aside some time for your really high priority projects. Be proactive and you’ll get more important things done. They will ultimately bring more results to your business.